!! Bienvenidos to Emily Afton Music !!

Hey, welcome to my new website. Its still very much in "construction mode" but its promising, don't you think!? If you are just finding out about me/my music here's a little thing or two to know... 

I have been performing under Emily Moldy for many years but have JUST switched over to my "real" name, Emily Afton. During this transition, there will undoubtably be some glitches and bumps in the road, one being that I have all my music online listed under my old name Emily Moldy. HOWEVER, very soon (meaning in the next 3 months) I be releasing a handful of singles and then my >FIRST FULL-LENGTH ALBUM< under my new name! And things will be simpler then. 

Emily Moldy will always remain in some way/shape or form... on youtube i-tunes, and in my heart, But the new stuff... the Emily Afton stuff... its going to be really good.  So please hold tight, sit back, sign up for my email list, follow me on FB & Instagram (@emilyaftonmusic) and after you are done doing me all those favors... Know that some pretty new tunes and videos are coming soon! 

With very much love,


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