I am going on tour! (with Third Eye Blind)

Hello beautiful person reading my blog,

I am so ecstatic to announce that I am going on tour with Third Eye Blind in ONE WEEK! So many things in that sentence make this a dream come true for me: 1.) That I am going on tour! This marks the first time I will actually travel outside of my Bay Area bubble to perform with a band! And 2.) We are opening (4 TIMES, IN 4 DIFFERENT CITIES) for Third Eye Blind!! WHAT!? A band I have loved since I was in middle school! 3.) We are traveling to the South and playing my music in cities I have only dreamed of playing in.. Memphis, Nashville, etc. (Well, we hopefully will do Nashville.. Still need to book a show! Eeeek), etc. 

On the tour, I'll be doing a limited, exclusive release of my first single "Someday," as we gear up for the official release in November.. Its all very very exciting and I can't wait to see you, share with you, love on you, and tell you to your face how much I appreciate you supporting this music journey.. 

So here is my flyer.. here it is! The "Someday" Release Tour! 

Emily MoldenhauerComment