Love Wins

Frida Kahlo and Chavela Vargas 

Frida Kahlo and Chavela Vargas 


On June 26th I found myself standing in the center of a rally held on the cobblestone streets of Frenchquarter- New Orleans, Louisiana.  I had heard about the rally after wandering into a bar and striking up a conversation with a middle aged lady named Jean who was drinking Hurricanes all afternoon to celebrate. Jean told us she had been waiting her whole life to see this day;  the Supreme Court ruling of same sex marriage, guaranteed in the constitution... (aka the hashtag #lovewins.. aka queer people are allowed to exist and love each other in the United States! yayyyyyy!) 

At the rally, an older man got down on one knee and proposed to his lover who was a public figure in New Orleans, and also a man. Despite my leftist rage on how the institution of marriage is dumb because its based on fucked up, heteronormative, capitalistic bla bla bla.... I watched this proposal and cried; overwhelmed. This moment was history being made. Queer love and queer people have existed forever. Its not a new thing (I know you know this... if you are reading this blog you probably have some type of similar beliefs as me so I may be preaching to a choir... or maybe not! Who knows, who cares... we are a beautiful choir and don't be homophobic or an idiot to anyone! The end, let's continue...) But now the US government is saying its ok! For SO many years, people's love stories, and more gravely, people's lives have been taken away...  cast aside, or behind closed doors because of who they are. 

And thats one thing I have to say, is that this whole movement is not simply about who you love.. its the who you are part I believe to be very very real and true. Although there is SO much more work to do for humans in our world... I will now raise the drink I am holding in my hand (which is currently an orange juice because I am hungover) and cheers to the fact that the "super power of the world" just said queer love is allowed! Amen to that. Hashtag Love Freaking Wins