Beautiful Iceland

[Somewhere in Southern Iceland, near Landmannalaugar...]

This summer I traveled across the world to the Middle East and then to Iceland, which are some of the most beautiful and fascinating countries and landscapes that I think I will ever see in my lifetime. There are so many things to say about this trip...Which stretched me across completely different climates and cultures, and helped me to understand the vastness of this beautiful planet a tiny bit better than I did before. But mainly, I just walked away with so much love in me for the people that we met, and that inhabit this Earth. We are SUCH a strange species, and there are billions of in our lives in such different ways, eating such different food, speaking such different languages, fighting such different wars. And it is all quite precious and fascinating and sad and beautiful (depending on which part I'm human thing we're talking about). Anyways...

Being in her home country of Iceland, I thought of Bjork A LOT, even though I think she lives in Brookyln. Mostly I thought of her lyrics, which are extremely nature and imagery-based. She is the main reason that we decided to come to the arctic-esque island of Icealand, and it certainly didn't fail to amaze and perplex me as a place. 

So here is a VERY low quality video of me singing my favorite of her songs "Unravel". If you haven't heard the original, you should. Its beautiful and the again, the lyrics are so simple and gorgeous. We are on a farm somewhere in Southern Iceland, which we found while trying to follow the geothermic hot pools that you didn't have to pay to get in to. The wind was very strong and the sound quality is pretty awful, but I'm hoping that somewhere between the field and "summer sunset" (It was around 9:30 or 10pm in this video.. 22 hours of daylight in the summer is a TRIP, let me tell you) that you will enjoy yourself a little. 

Thank you Iceland and traveling, for being the best soul medicine I have had in so so so long... 

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